Thursday, June 18, 2015

Perhaps I Will Never

Well into my sixties and financially down
Perhaps i will never more see Millstreet Town
Where i was known to many three decades ago
This is going back to before time became my foe

Few of the boys and girls i grew up with in Millstreet today
Some of them migrated and some with the deceased lay
And of the past with me only the good memories remain
Of people i once knew and may not meet again

Perhaps never more to see the fields near Millstreet
In the green old countryside where the rivers do meet
Where i grew to love Nature when i was a boy
Such wonderful memories are mine to enjoy

The lust of the wander has taken me to far away
From Claraghatlea where i first looked on the lamp of day
From the fields where the rushes in clusters do grow
In the home of badger, Jackdaw and rook and gray crow

It does feel like time is catching up on me
And i only have memories of the what used to be
The fields west of Millstreet in miles far away
And the now is all that does matter as the wise one does say.

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