Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Blue Dog Bar

Beyond Millstreet Town it's fame did travel far
The licensed premises owned by Catherine Duggan known as The Blue Dog Bar
Long deceased Millstreet's most beautiful woman when in her life's prime
Though this is going back many decades in time

Catherine a young widow with a large young family to raise
Was a woman who never did cease to amaze
Her children all quite successful became known far and wide
Far beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside

Her pub was named in honor of her father in law Andrew Duggan's dog Jack a big male Kerry Blue
One who to his master and his breed till death remained true
As a fighting dog he earned canine renown
As the best of his time in old Millstreet Town

A famous old pub in the Millstreet of old
Of The Blue Dog Bar many stories were told
But like most things in life it went the ways of time
And it ceased to exist long before the death of rhyme

A pub in it's time known to many in a Town from here far away
That probably had ceased to exist before i first saw light of day
But few things remain as they were as the wise one does say
And only stories of what was in memory does stay

A famous pub in Millstreet Town in the days of the horse drawn car
Owned by Catherine Duggan known as The Blue Dog Bar
And only the memories today do remain
Of what used to be and will not be again.

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