Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Boston Terror

That Sam Langford was the greatest boxer never to become a World Champion of this little doubt
He was fighting at a time when the color of his skin ruled him out
Of ever becoming a World Champion though from lightweight to heavyweight he only fought the best
And he was never found to be wanting when put to the test
Born and raised in Weymouth Falls in Canada he migrated to Boston in the U S of A
Nicknamed The Boston Terror though long dead his legend is living today
In a non title fight he lost by decision to Jack Johnson the great heavyweight World Champion going back many decades in time
When Johnson was practically unbeatable in the height of his physical prime
Perhaps the World's greatest pound for pound all time boxer but due to the color of his skin
He never became a World Champion suppose some are not born to win
Sam Langford the great Boston Terror died as an old man poor and blind
He fought from lighweight to heavyweight and his equal would be hard to find
He never became a World Champion such an opportunity never came his way
Because he was one of the wrong color and this does seem a sad thing to say.

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