Sunday, June 14, 2015

The First People Of Australia

The first people of Australia their ancestry old in time
And they are the inspiration of story, song and rhyme
It is said their ancestors lived in Australia for sixty thousand years
Till the arrival of the northern races brought to them grief and tears
In the history of Australia they should hold pride of place
But for too long in their own Country they have been a downtrodden race
The arrival of the boats of foreigners for them was a sad day
They have been treated rather badly which does seem sad to say
Their land and children stolen from them though this going back in time
What has happened to many of them would nowadays be seen as a crime
Against humanity i only say what happens to be true
One can say of the first Australians far better should have been their due
From the Country of their ancestors they seem to have the least to gain
But as the first Australians they always will remain.

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