Tuesday, June 9, 2015

To Judge Your Work I Am Not Qualified

A modern young poet with literary ambitions some of his poems to me did show
And asked me what i thought of his poetry i told him that i did not know
Whether it is or is not good poetry since i do not have a literary degree
What is very good to some people may not seem at all good to me

I am not a fan of modern poetry and suppose never will be
What is good to the literati may not seem at all good to me
I am not the one you should be asking about the worth of your poetry since i am a rhyme buff
Blank verse it does not interest me though i do enjoy reading rhyming literary stuff

I am not qualified to comment on your poetry literary critics are paid to criticize
And that i am not well educated is something i do realize
I could tell you that you write beautiful poetry and not many poets write as good as you
But i am not in the mood to flatter and to my thoughts i must stay true

Show your poems to a literary critic if she or he likes them you are on your way
Of becoming a major poet of the future if good things the critic of you write and say
To judge your work i am not qualified though i do wish you well just the same
And may your poetry bring you wealth and happiness and may you enjoy wealth and fame.

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