Wednesday, June 17, 2015

You May Well Win Some

In long gone years a football great of the town
A stand with his name on it in the oval for to honor his renown
Six decades age he kicked the winning goal on Grand Final day
Just before the siren to a loud hooray

One who had been president of many a local committee
A role model and mentor to some is how he seemed to be
Though wise words of the sage one can readily recall
You may well win some but you cannot win them all

A grandfather eight times and three times a dad
In the local he often talked of the good days he had
When married he did enjoy his bit on the side
A fact he owned up to and on took some pride

But amongst his admirers he could not count on his ex wife
She says he did give her a terrible life
And the day she divorced him was her happiest day
I only quote here of him what she does say

Last month at his funeral there was parting tears
And in the pub his friends do recall his better years
But he lived to a good age he was eighty four
And not many do live for eight decades or more

But so few near to perfect one would have to suppose
And though he had many friends he did not die without foes
And his seventy six years old ex wife who had lived with him for twenty five years
Says he was one unworthy of parting tears.

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