Saturday, June 13, 2015

Your Physical Best Years

Your physical best years in the long forever gone
And only your fear of death makes you want to live on
You feel that for your years of life you have nothing to show
But that so many feel the same about life is something you ought to know
Of since they judge individuals by their material success
The makers of celebrities you have failed to impress
But their ideas of what constitutes success is open to debate
And why worry about them and who they choose to celebrate
You cannot be a successful person if you are not compassionate and kind
The flower of success cannot bloom in the darkened mind
Though it is up to everyone in their way success to define
Others views on what success entails may be different to mine
You may feel that for one of your years material success you do not have to show
But you do have what is known as the inner glow.

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