Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Big World After All

The old saying goes it is a small World after all
Whatever this means for the World is not small
You may have seen every Country but anyone who tells you he or she has seen every place
You can say for sure that he or she is lying in your face
For those who tell you that they have seen every place in the World believe in their own lies
For this would be impossible as any sane person would realize
For it is a big World the World out there
And not even one out of the billions of people have been to everywhere
Some people have been to many places and some their lifetime do stay
In the place where they first looked on the lamp of day
Though i live far south of where i was born and raised in so few Countries to i have been
And so little of the big World out there i have seen
Despite the old saying the World is far from small
It is indeed quite a big World after all.

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