Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Young Man In His Early Twenties

He has got a good and a well paying job and drives in a new car
Yet so many like he is who feels how marvelous they are
He may have a big ego but then so too do i
If i said otherwise this would be telling a lie

Most of us as we know can be quite self centered indeed
I would not go to him if of help i was in need
For i know in such a case to me he would say
Those who do help themselves always do quite okay

With the aspirational of the town he likes to socialize
One can say that this in itself is not any surprise
Birds of a feather do flock together as the saying goes
Most of us enjoy the company of like minded people one has to suppose

A young man in his early twenties doing materially and financially well in life
His girlfriend a beautiful young blond is to become his wife
Them i sometimes see walking hand in hand in the park or on the street
With just a passing hello whenever we do meet.

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