Monday, July 27, 2015

Is There A World Bodily Post Bodily Death

Is there a World post bodily death somewhere beyond the sky
Where all good souls with wings at great speed upwards to does fly
Or does the soul die in the mind when we draw life's final breath
And it is heaven and hell in this earthly World and it ends for all in bodily death
Call me an agnostic or an atheist or even an infidel
But whatever about a post bodily death there is an earthly heaven and hell
Any deceased person i have known of an afterlife have not come back to me to tell
Is the last hooray for all of us the final farewell bell?
I am not ashamed at all to say the Reaper of lives i do fear
And with every passing day i know to me he is reaping near
In my late sixties my best years gone to the scythe of death i soon will fall
And the same for the pauper and the billionaire since death is for us all
Is there a World post bodily death where good souls with wings to do fly
A paradise of eternal bliss somewhere beyond the sky?

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