Friday, July 24, 2015

John Davidson

John Davidson the great poet of Barrhead
A Town in Scotland in east Renfrewshire
One hundred and six years deceased and his poems and ballads are living
And even today reading his poetry younger poets to write better does inspire

His physical health not good and he had a mental illness
And he died at his own hands at the age of fifty one
But his poems have stood the greatest test of them all time
And praise from poetry fans and critics he has won

One of Scotland's literary greats his ballads are quite amazing
He was a poet with a writing style of his own
His poems do remain as a testament to his literary greatness
And though long deceased in death his literary legend it has grown

He first saw light of day in Barrhead a Town close to Glasgow
And in March 1909 at 51 his life ended in a tragic way
His legacy to humanity his amazing poems and ballads
And by lovers of poetry his poems read and enjoyed today.

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