Monday, July 20, 2015

Of Rebels Of Duhallow

I was raised in Duhallow a Barony of legendary fighting men
Like the heroes of the ambush at Tureengarriffe Glen
On the Cork Kerry border in sky kilometers far away
From where i am living and growing old today

In his prime the most wanted by the British in Duhallow's countryside
Kiskeam's Sean Moylan was known far and wide
In song and in story his praises are sung
By all accounts quite fearless when he was young

For many years a T D and a Government Minister in the colors of Fianna Fail
And one of the most colorful of characters in Ireland's Dail
But like everyone else time became Moylan's foe
And life's Reaper claimed the life from him many decades ago

In his prime years by the British a wanted man
In Duhallow Big Cone Meaney was a famous Republican
He became a T D and was loved by many as a wise old sage
And mourned by friends and family he died of old age

Con Murphy of Ballydaly the first Irish person for possession of arms for to be put to death
A braver man than he was never did draw life's breath
He died under British gunfire in a cruel and foul way
For his love of Ireland with his life he did pay

In Millview Lane at night in old Millstreet Town
Paddy McCarthy of Rowells by the British forces was gunned down
He did go down fighting though the numbers not on his side
And in the arms of his friends in the darkness he died

Of rebels of Duhallow so many one could name
Of the torch of freedom they helped for to light the flame
But all of this happened a long time ago
And the enemy back then is no longer the foe.

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