Friday, July 31, 2015

On The Constant Booing Of Adam Goodes

Though fools with common sense may disagree
The booing of A F L footballer Adam Goodes seems racial harassment to me
One of the all time great players to play Australia's indigenous game
Do those who constantly boo him have any sense of shame?

Twice a Brownlow Medalist and a former Australian of the year
That Adam Goodes is a great and honored man is quite obviously clear
A spokes person for Australia's indigenous race
Those who constantly boo him bring on themselves disgrace

Such people are of no value at all
To this great game of Australian Rules Football
Adam Goodes or anybody who plays sports does not deserve to be treated in such a way
Suppose for fame for some there must be some price to pay

A Sydney Swans great Adam Goodes name will be living on
When all of those who boo him are of the forgotten gone
And it does seem quite a sad thing for to have to say
That there are a lot of racist people in the World of today.

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