Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Pride Of Millstreet

Her shoulder length hair it was wavy and brown
And her eyes blue as ripened sloes the Pride of Millstreet Town
In her early twenties near her physical prime
If living today she must be showing the wear of time

I remember her though i was a boy then
A primary school going lad of nine years or ten
All eyes were on her as she walked on Main Street
Local young men fantasized about the Pride of Millstreet

But the wanderlust in her for places elsewhere
And she sought adventure in the big World out there
From Millstreet she went to live in distance far away
I do believe to somewhere in the U S of A

I wonder did she raise children as some lucky man's wife
Or did she remain childless as well as leading a single life
And has she been aging in a graceful way
She would be in her early eighties if living today

Beautiful memories do live on as a source of joy
She was a young woman when i was a boy
Tall and graceful and lovely and without conceit
Good memories live on of the Pride of Millstreet.

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