Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who Wins The Next Federal Election

Who wins the next Australian Federal Election why should i even care
Since the Government and the main opposition party only favor every multi millionaire
Their policies as always only benefit the privileged few
Though you may say to this do tell us what is new
Between the Government and the main opposition party the difference in policies scarce worth arguing about
That they only legislate for the privileged in society there can be little doubt
Whichever of them gains Government those doing it tough will not be better off post next Federal Election day
That M P's of the major political parties have little if any interest at all in the poor of the Country seems a sad thing to have to say
On the poor side of the town there are many poor homeless people sleeping rough tonight
In the twenty first century that so many misfortunate people have to live in such a way does not seem at all right
In a democratic Country the gap between the wealthy and the poor every day grows more wide
It does look like that only a small minority of people do have God on their side
So who wins the next Federal Election why should i even worry or care
Since any of the parties who will be elected to Govern will only be governing for every multi millionaire.

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