Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You Grieve On Your Own

Others may sympathize with you at your great loss
But you on your own have to carry grief's cross
Of one precious and dear to you by life's Reaper you have been denied
But words of sympathy cannot bring back to you your dear friend who has died
People in their words of condolence to you understanding and kind
But the burden of grief weighs heavily on the mind
And few wish to know of you when you are mentally down
For few wish to know of a sad one of the town
Grief is a thing in their lives that many of have known
And despite support from friends and family you must grieve on your own
And though sad memories of your loss till death with you will stay
For grief time is the greatest healer as the wise one does say
You are one of many who of grief who has known
And despite the kind words of others you grieve on your own.

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