Thursday, July 23, 2015

Young Stan

He fancies himself as a bloke for the ladies the fellow known as Randy Stan
He boasts that to young women he is irresistible he fancies himself as quite a man
Often in the gym fine toning his body he is well built and quite muscular indeed
But on how to chat up young women on some coaching he is in need
Broad shouldered and muscular his long hair is tousled and black
But he is not handsome and attractive to women and in good manners is a thing he does lack
At twenty five in his physical prime he has had a few women but with him for long they did not stay
He has not been seen with a woman for some time he is single and looking today
He thinks that if he makes his muscles bigger that women to him they will flock
That he will become so irresistible to them that on his door they will come and knock
He is fooling no one only himself it seems he believes his own lies
The young man has got a big ego and he is not clever or wise
He boasts he is a hit with the ladies he is self deluded young Stan
He may be tall and broad shouldered with bulging biceps but he will never be a ladies man.

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