Thursday, July 30, 2015

Your Worth As A Person

Your worth as a person do you ever doubt
And do you ever wonder what life is all about
With a wife and young children on a poor suburban street
You have to work hard just for to make ends meet

The hard work that you do it is not matched by pay
With many it does seem that it is this way
Born to poor parents and poor you will die
That the majority of the World's wealth is owned by the few is not a lie

So many are poor for the billionaire few
This is how life is and this is nothing new
That self made millionaires are not many happens to be true
And a good weekly wage should be everyone's due

Shortage of money causes worry and stress
You are judged by your suburb and your postal address
You are often mentally down but you refuse to be counted out
And your worth as a person you often do doubt.

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