Monday, October 19, 2015

A Pleasure For To Meet

On sunny days she often sits on the timber seat in the park by the street
One whose lovely smile always betrays the gap in her teeth
A woman in her late eighties with shoulder length hair of silver gray
She must have been quite beautiful back on her prime day

I have often spoken to her at length she has a sad story to tell
Her husband passed away last year for years he had not been well
Years ago their only child in his early twenties died as a very young man
In a bloody battle under gunfire in the war in south Vietnam

She says she has been lucky to have been a good man's wife
And apart from the loss of their son they had a happy life
With a good philosophy on life she says make the most of every day
The past she says she cannot change and health-wise she feels okay

Her long gray hair to her shoulders she walks in a slow pace
But for one in her late eighties she has a lovely face
Her happy smile it does betray the obvious gap in her teeth
And people like her one can say are a pleasure for to meet.

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