Friday, October 30, 2015

And Little Else More

A university don with a clear speaking voice
Quite snobbish by nature and snobbish by choice
On the radio bragged of his science and his literary degree
In his posh way of speaking he did not appeal to me
On his recorded literary lecture he said it is not modern poetry if it does rhyme
That rhyme it does belong to another time
Suppose he is entitled to his opinion each to his or her own
As a literary critic by fans of modern poetry one respected and widely known
But his sort of person never give rhyme a fair go
They may say they are not biased though in truth they seem so
He did seem quite opinionated and snobbish as many of his sort are
And though on the social ranking he may have climbed far
Like all lovers of blank verse he help to keep modern poetry to the fore
But like everyone else his is just an opinion and little else more.

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