Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Father Jack

He died in the evening four days ago of a massive heart attack
Many of the parish poor today shed tears at the burial of Father Jack
They loved him for the man he was compassionate and kind
A better friend than Father Jack they never more will find

In his late fifties and in good health he died quite suddenly
In the parish for many years he led the fight against poverty
To his higher self he remained true right to the very end
To those who were in need of help he always was a friend

Father Jack was everything that a good priest should be
He helped the homeless of the town he helped the refugee
Of anyone he never did have one bad word to say
The best and the holiest one in town was put to earth today

To the god he believed in he always was so true
The widespread grief at news of his passing it only was his due
Among the poor of the parish his was a well loved face
He was a great man Father Jack and none to take his place.

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