Friday, October 30, 2015

Halls Gap

Halls Gap of the Gariwerd Ranges with wooded hills all around
Where red deer cockatoos and corellas and kangaroos in numbers abound
Where the laughter of the kookaburras can be heard every day
An old Town from most towns that is far away
As a tourist attraction it is widely known
One can say of Halls Gap that it has a charm of it's own
In the Brambuk Aboriginal Center with link to the people of the Dreamtime
It has inspired the legends of story and rhyme
Long before the Town of Halls Gap in the place of many trees
The local Indigenous tribes lived and had their corroborees
To them the Gariwerd Ranges was a sacred place
And their legends live on as Halls Gap first race
But the old wooded hills would not have changed in time
They were old when the age of the Dinosaurs was in it's prime.

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