Friday, October 9, 2015

I Write For Enjoyment

It is not for fame or money that i do pen rhyme
Since if this was the case i would be wasting my time
Without financial reward and as i have said often before
I write for enjoyment and little else more

I never lay claim to the title of poet
I leave that to those who feel worthy of literary note
As a rhymer as such i have not made the grade
Though everyone is needed in the wordsmith trade

Without literary fame or the reward of financial pay
I add to my numbers of rhymes every day
The years have left me looking older and balder and gray
But for as long as i live as a rhymer i will stay

And though my worth as a rhymer i have reason to doubt
No shortage of things for me to write rhymes about
I do enjoy rhyming in truth i can say
And what i love doing why should i give away.

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