Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Margaret Rahilly

In her and John's home in Port Fairy Janice and i often enjoyed afternoon tea
Margaret Rahilly who died looking out on the sea
When the silver gulls were mewing and the nesting songbirds did sing
On a breezy evening in late October in the prime of the Spring

One her chair with her family around her on her life's final day
The living breath from her body slowly slipping away
One who was loved by many and had made many a friend
After a long illness the life's journey of a beautiful person was very close to an end

A few months short of her seventy fourth birthday which is not very old
The cancer that had ravaged her ailing body for many months on her finally told
In her garden the magpie was fluting his familiar air
As for the last time in her lounge room she gazed on the ocean sitting in her chair

The beautiful woman of the beautiful singing voice
For to die in her early seventies would not be her choice
Margaret Tynan Rahilly loved her family and friends and she fought for her life
And to John Rahilly she was such a wonderful wife.

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