Saturday, October 10, 2015

Of Her Ways I Am Always Learning

The longest lived human life is not long in time one might say a short span
Everyday one nearer your last day live for as long as you can
Live for as we all know far too well
Of a life for the soul post bodily death no one has come back to tell

Many believe that when life leaves the body that the good soul has wings for to fly
For to live in the paradise of angels god's kingdom beyond the sky
To me this is a simplistic theory but then who am i for to say
That they are not right in their thinking each to their own it is this way

I was born into a roman catholic family in that i did not have any choice
Though to those who speak against religion i am not one who lends my voice
Since Nature is the only god i believe in her beauty is all around me
Of her ways i am always learning everyday some new wonder to see

I have loved the Earth Mother who feeds us ever since i was a young boy
And today as an aging fellow learning new things of her i enjoy
But each to their own way of thinking a truism that remains ever true
And if you sow the seeds of good Karma then good things in life are your due.

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