Friday, October 16, 2015

Ours For Pay

To one politician criticizing one of an opposition why pay any heed
Since to hear one praise one of the opposition would seem strange indeed
Since most politicians with their feelings are not honest in any way
Of their political opponents they never have any kind things for to say

To politicians criticizing each other any heed one should not pay
The game of deceptive words they do know how to play
Most of them follow the party line even though on some of the party's policies they do not believe
Most politicians to their feelings not true their own thoughts they deceive

How can they be true to anybody if to their own selves they cannot be true
But we get the politicians we do deserve in life we do receive our due
They happen to be our reflective mirrors those we vote into power on election day
Our political legislators say more about us than words could ever say

By those that we vote into parliament we surely do leave ourselves down
They only represent the wealthy minority and never the poor of the town
And when politicians criticize their political opponents it is just a word game they do play
On our poor choices on those who represent us the price it is ours for to pay.

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