Saturday, October 3, 2015

She Knows About Life

To the man she did love she had become his wife
And it was the happiest day of her life
By her family and wedding guests congratulatory speeches were made
Happy memories one never does wish for to fade

Her first few years of marriage were times of love and joy
She gave birth to her only child a healthy baby boy
But that her husband had become unfaithful to her she came to realize
And lack of trust to loss of love does give rise

He left her for another to raise their child on her own
The man that she married she had not really known
He never supported her financially
She is one who knows of hard times and poverty

The worst day of her life was the day she lost her son
He died in a car accident when he was twenty one
Some six years ago he would be now in his physical prime
Of years of life he did not have that much time

In her early fifties with some gray in her shoulder length hair of brown
She remains one of the most beautiful women of the town
A nice single down to earth woman though in ways slightly shy
And one who will not give marriage another try.

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