Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sister Marietta

In Rockhampton on the Fitzroy River in sub tropical Queensland where it is often forty degrees
And is often even quite warm in the shade of the trees
Patricia Ryan Sister Marietta from Millstreet in Duhallow's green and wet countryside
Where she had lived for many years of her life died

One who sacrificed the chance of becoming a mother and somebody's wife
As a Sister of Mercy in devotion to her God was her calling in life
Her vows to serve the poor for her God she did take
It does take a very special woman such a sacrifice for to make

Perhaps on her flights of fancy she often see Clara in the gray fogs of rain
And walked on the streets of Millstreet Town again
From where her's was a well known and a beloved face
Her journey in life took her to a sunnier and a far warmer place

A book on her surely would make for a great read
It was a selfless life she had chosen for to lead
She was one that i knew of but never did meet
A marvelous ambassador for humanity from Station road in Millstreet

From Duhallow and Millstreet Town in kilometers far away
The last remains of Patricia Ryan Sister Marietta in eternal lay
In sunny Rockhampton in Queensland she died
With her brother Philip and her sister Muriel and her sister in law Catherine at her bedside.

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