Monday, October 26, 2015

The Most Valuable Thing

The most valuable thing that you have is your life
This is despite what many to you might say
Your Wordly possessions to you of no use
When the Reaper of lives does come reaping your way

That death is a part of life happens to be true
And in death your Worldly possessions you cannot take with you
Your material accumulations behind you must stay
They do not need money the dead where they lay

Your life is the most valuable thing you possess
That even does go for the multi billionaire
Though money is quite important as we know
The Reaper of lives the lives of the wealthiest not known to spare

The wealthiest like the poorest are born to die
The Reaper of lives claims all lives from the great to the small
The great gift of life is the greatest gift we possess
To a deceased person money is of no use at all.

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