Friday, October 23, 2015

The Stoccos

For Australia's most wanted life cannot be much fun
The notorious Queenslanders the Stoccos they are on the run
Though Gino and Mark Stocco the hunted father and son
Like all other outlaws will eventually come undone

They are not the type that many wish to befriend
And though heavy armed their crime spree will come to an end
Seven years on the run and the cops on them closing in
On a shootout due to weight of numbers with the law they could not hope to win

The Stoccos the outlaws have less friends than foes
Though far worse than they are one has to suppose
But when the police corner them human blood may spill
For it is likely that they will be shooting to kill

Gino Stocco and Mark his son have served prison time
And of late they have shot at police quite a serious crime
Some of the by roads of New South Wales and Victoria they do know quite well
Seven years on the run of time seems quite a spell

In Australia by the police the most wanted of today
But far worse than the Stoccos in truth one can say
Though they are running out of safe places to hide
And the police have the numbers and time on their side.

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