Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There Is The Man

There is the man who till death remains faithful to his wife
To his marriage vows he remains true for life
A high moral standard in life he does attain
And faithful till death to his woman remain

There is the man whose marriage vows he never could keep
And with other women he has been known for to sleep
Sex outside of marriage to him is okay
And faithful to one woman he never could stay

And then there is the man who by nature is gay
As a closet homosexual he must live this way
That he must keep his secret to him seems obviously clear
As the scorn of his family and friends he does fear

There are the men who are addicted to gambling and drugs and alcoholic drink
Of suicide their kind often live on the brink
To appease their addictions many of them turn to crime
And for their offenses they serve prison time

Some men live moral lives others are their own worst foes
There are good and bad men one does have to suppose
Some know of fame and wealth others only know of shame
No two journeys in life are exactly the same.

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