Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Blokey Bloke

He drinks with his mates at the local and laughs loud at every smutty joke
A smoker as well as a drinker and a regular blokey bloke
His mates to him are most important and much in common they do share
A member of one of the town's many blokes clubs and blokes clubs have never been rare

Tall sturdy and dark haired in his late twenties he and his mates members of the local football supporters club
And after the game on a Saturday they meet for drinks at the local pub
Sad looking when their team loses and in victory beaming with pride
Their moods easy to read on their faces as their feelings they never try to hide

His wife at home minding their three young children he says of her she does okay
Yet to me she is often complaining though i give her the most of my pay
She says i never help with the children but this is not a true man's role in life
The man works and with his mates socializes and leaves the child minding to his wife

Sensitive new age guys help their wives with nappy changing for real men this is not their thing
We are happy when our team is victorious and the club anthem we get to sing
You will not find my sort at snobbish parties as such would not suit us at all
We socialize at the local and whilst drinking beer talk of football

His wife at home minding the children whilst in the pub he laughs at a smutty joke
Suppose this is one price that is for being married to a blokey sort of a bloke
But each to their own as is said for want of a better name
And suppose it is our different ways make us more interesting how boring we would be if we all were the same.

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