Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Rhymer In Nature And Name

I never refer to myself as a poet just a rhymer in nature and name
And praise as well as criticism are for those of a far greater fame
Than i can only ever dream of i write rhyme for enjoyment and little else more
Yet even as an old fashioned rhymer i am not one who is to the fore
The rhymes everyday to me coming and in notebook i scribble them down
But never for fame or for money or in hope of literary renown
I am one with a rhyming addiction suppose everyone flawed in some way
But i do hope that i will be rhyming right up till my life's final day
And since i am just your average rhymer who with words likes to have a play
Who is or is not a poet is not for one like me to say
I leave it to the literary critics to say who is or is not a poet
Since they in their literary criticisms proclaim the writers worthy of note
I am just your average rhymer there are so many others like me
And suppose of my rhyming addiction in death i will only be free.

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