Sunday, December 6, 2015

Does Only Happen To Be So

In life you have your good and your bad days and there are days you find it hard to smile
Enjoy happiness whilst it is with you for it may not stay for a long while
You are far better off than the homeless who live on the poor side of the town
Who do not know how it feels to be happy since they are financially down
It is true that you do have your problems which does always give rise to self doubt
In life there is always some challenge one small part of what being human is about
With a wife and young children to support on what is not very good pay
And with far less jobs than with people to fill them job starts are at a premium today
Nowadays for many life is not easy decades ago it used not to be this way
Over time the huge increase in the human population partly to blame for this one can say
If you are struggling for to make ends meet you have nothing for to celebrate
You cannot say to those who ask you how your day is that it is very close to great
Today you find it hard for to smile when others to you say hello
But that you are one of many with problems does only happen to be so.

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