Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Enjoy Some Fun And Laughter

Do not take yourself too seriously there may not be a hereafter
And life is brief so very brief enjoy some fun and laughter
Constantly thinking of your problems does not lessen your worry
The one who weeps does weep alone and time is on the hurry
Your poor me attitude to life no friend for you is gaining
Jim and Katie with five young children i never hear them complaining
He whistles to work every day in the gray of the dawning
I have yet to see him sad faced and bored and looking tired and yawning
You tell me of your problems but you are physically healthy
And you are not short of money since you are known to be wealthy
With a healthy primary school going daughter and a wife young and pretty
Yet by listening to you whinging one would swear you were the poorest in the city
You and your wife and children worship in the church for your place in the hereafter
But you are missing out in life on the gifts of fun and laughter.

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