Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It Is Not How Wealthy You Are

More money and material possessions does not make another person any better than you
It is not how wealthy you are but the good that you do
For to help those in need of your help you go out of your way
And of anyone you help who is a poor person you never ask of pay
The size of your bank account or your home or your car
Does not tell of the person that you truly are
But if to the suffering of others you seem mentally blind
Then you cannot live as a good person as your are not compassionate and kind
And since of a better World to live in they do plant the seed
Of more compassionate, kind and generous people the Human World is in need
He or she is not a good person who only believe on take and take
Though the wealthy person who is kind and generous a huge difference to humanity can make
You cannot live as a good person if you lack in empathy
Since for those doing it tough you cannot feel sympathy.

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