Sunday, December 13, 2015

Margaret Looney Smyth

The daughter of Mrs and Mr Peter Looney of Millstreet Town's Minor Row
The recently deceased Margaret Looney Smyth and her deceased brother Michael i used to know
When i was much younger ten years or so
Back in the nineteen fifties a long time ago

As nice a person as one could wish for to meet
She used to visit her uncle Den Looney and his wife Peg in Claraghatlea near the Town of Millstreet
But in Duhallow she was one who was not destined to stay
And as Margaret Smyth in Scotstown in County Monaghan her last remains lay

A down to earth person untainted by conceit or guile
She left us with memories of her beautiful smile
By her sort the seeds of good friendships are sown
As she was one who did have a charm of her own

When Margaret left Millstreet she was young in years
And her passing in Scotstown would not have gone without tears
Her journey in life did take her far away
From where she first looked on the bright lamp of day

With her amiable ways many friends she did win
People like her make the World better to live in
In Scotstown county Monaghan may she rest in peace
For all of us from life there is a final release.

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