Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nature Has Her Many Wonders

Nature has her many wonders and her secrets are not few
And every day of her flora and fauna we do learn something new
Recently see a black wallaby in Port Fairy near where the Moyne River meets the sea
Swimming in deep water an amazing sight to see
I stood and watched in amazement i could scarce believe my eyes
That marsupials are good swimmers came to me as a surprise
But the male wallaby seemed calm and relaxed in the waters deep and wide
As he swam across the river to get to the other side
A local woman told me he swims across the river every day
For to get from Griffith Island to Battery Point for him this is his way
To me what is quite amazing is something she does often see
Nature has so many wonders with this would you not agree
This just made me again realize so little of Nature's ways i know
But the more i learn about her the more my wonder of her grow.

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