Monday, December 14, 2015

On Starlings

At the large numbers of them one one only can stare
In their range starlings are birds that will never be rare
At twilight in huge flocks to their roosting trees they do fly
As the shades of evening are darkening the sky

Introduced to Australia by humans many decades ago
Starlings are birds who have many a human foe
Since in their droppings they do foul buildings as in numbers they multiply
That so many dislike them just one of the many reasons why

In their straggly nests of leaves and dried weeds and of bits of plastic and hay
Four to seven bluish eggs the female bird does lay
Under house eaves and in tree and wall cavities under their nest sites their droppings to be seen
Post nesting time only add to the proof of where starlings have been

In Western Australia by Government authorized and paid shooters starlings as are sparrows are shot on sight
Despite the reasons for this i cannot say that the killing of any species of wildlife is right
Though some humans on killing find pleasure it does seem that starlings to me
Are far less of a threat to our Natural environment than us humans are would you not agree?

From where humans live they are never far away
Starlings are plentiful i see them every day
To their roosting trees at twilight in huge flocks they do fly
As the shades of evening are darkening the sky.

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