Friday, December 25, 2015

On Who Is Or Is Not A Good Writer

On who is or is not a good writer even well informed literary critics known to disagree
But suppose in the works of every good writer there is some originality
Most great writers do not lose any of their literary creativity beyond their physical prime
In fact some of them even do improve with the passing of time
Not for one like me to say who is a good journalist or playwright or novelist or poet
Or who is worthy or unworthy of literary note
And those who tell us average writers are many and great writers are few
Are not telling us anything that is new
And some say great writers are born and cannot be made
Though every writer is needed in the wordsmith trade
And book sales for a writer of course has to count
For money it does seem to greatness does amount
And literary experts on who is or is not a good writer are known to disagree
People who are far more qualified on writers and writing than me.

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