Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pay No Heed To Their Sort Of Advice

Anything you do that does not harm others cannot be considered as a crime
Though some may tell you in your unpaid hobby that you are wasting your precious time
What they say of you is their business and not yours in any way
If your hobby does keep you happy pay no heed to what they do say
There are always a few who cannot mind their own business for to offer you free advice
Their sort like to have power over others as people they are not very nice
And those who like advising others have little interests of their own
One can say they are not discerning and as sages will never be known
Pay no heed to their sort of advice and do keep on doing your own thing
Though your hobby does not bring you lots of money and others your praises do not sing
Some people believe that for your hobby you should be rewarded with pay
To them success through money only matters they see life in a narrow way
Just keep on doing what you enjoy doing to the meddlesome do not pay any heed
Those who advise others on how to live their lives must have lives that are empty indeed.

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