Saturday, December 26, 2015

Roger Casey

A poet and a comedian and quite a talented bloke
Than Roger Casey there is none better for to tell a good joke
In Duhallow the life of every party that he does attend
He is not one of those people who finds it hard to make a friend
From Cullen for it's characters quite a well known place
In Duhallow Roger Casey's is a known and well loved face
For his poetry and his humor to him quite a funny side
As a man to create laughter his reputation has traveled far and wide
Beyond Duhallow's borders Roger is well liked and known
For to tell a funny story one in a class of his own
Every community needs one like him for to spread some mirth around
Laughter follows Roger Casey where he is it does abound
For a happier World to live in he is one who sows the seed
For to create so much laughter it takes a gifted person indeed.

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