Thursday, December 3, 2015

Self Doubt

Many people have moments of self doubt though some more so than others
And self doubt to be found in every family among sisters and brothers
The teenagers who live nearby Lisa and her older brother Locky
Are very different she is shy and he seems brash and cocky

Yes Lisa is quite different to her self confident older brother
And yet they have the genes in them of the same father and mother
Do not ask me why this should be as i do not have a notion
Since the workings of the human mind in life is not my devotion

But of self doubt i know a little of since i have this mind affliction
On most social occasions it can prove to be a personal restriction
This feeling of not being good enough it can be soul destroying
That self doubt can never be your friend there can be no denying

Many people do know of self doubt and i am one of that many
And of times of high self esteem and self confidence i have not known of any
And there is some darkness in the mind of where self doubt has infiltrated
Self confidence it does erode and by it the ego is deflated.

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