Friday, December 11, 2015

Self Lauding

We live in a time when self lauding for some people is the in thing
Their own opinions only matter and their own praises they love to sing
Without asking they tell you of their life achievements and of their recent every success
As if their egos needed inflating others they want to impress
Self lauding by some seen as necessary for to keep themselves in the limelight
They like to boast of their successes and of their further achievements in sight
The me syndrome quite close to viral in the early twenty first century
We live in a time of big egos in the age of i, myself and me
The down to earth becoming rarer how sad to say this seems to be
People with their cameras taking selfies every day one does happen to see
Yet some of the openly arrogant seems to have forgotten that they too were born to die
They do act as if they are not mortals that death for them must be a lie
We live in a time of self lauding where self promotion does seem quite okay
And the humble decreasing in numbers in the Human World of today.

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