Thursday, December 17, 2015

Success And Failure

Success and failure in life to me is a lie
As successful you may live but as a failure you will die
Since like all who came before us when the breath of life from our bodies has gone
We become like the billions who have failed to physically live on

And since you grew old and died and failed to remain young
It is no use to you in death if your praises are sung
The glowing tributes paid to you in your eulogy you will not hear
One can only feel grateful to be living at the end of another year

For death among people does not differentiate
It claims the lives of the homeless and the paupers and the wealthy, famous and great
And though many do see it in a different way
There is only silence and darkness where dead people lay

Success and failure are the same at life's journey's end
Since we are born as mortals why even try to pretend
That one is superior to others since death becomes our due
I only can say what to me does seem true.

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