Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Buff Banded Rail

They are not birds one does see every day
Since from human eyes they like to hide away
If to them a person approaches too near
Into long grass or reeds they quickly disappear
On her breeding Season from September to February five to eight pale spotted brown eggs the female does lay
In her ground nest out of sight in heavy cover well hidden away
Two of their secrets of survival is to be secretive and slightly shy
But then to many bird species this would also apply
With buff streaks on the face brown head, gray neck and over all mottled gray
Close to water near reeds is where they prefer to stay
They eat crustaceans and insects they find on the wetland ground
And though not rare in large numbers they do not abound
Once seen for to recognize them you never again will fail
For they look quite distinctive the buff banded rail.

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