Friday, December 18, 2015

The Land Does Remain

We are born as mortals and all of mortal life forms are born to die
This includes everybody as well as you and i
But you cannot take with you any of your life's material gain
And the land that you lived off of behind you will remain
The land that will feed your children and grandchildren some of which you helped to destroy
Through your buildings projects amassing huge amounts of money you did enjoy
That you were an enemy of the Natural Environment many may not agree
But this is how people like you seem to me
Under the earth that you profited from your last remains do lay
And without you life in the World does go on today
So much land by your workers bulldozed and mature trees cut down
For you to become the wealthiest person in the big town
But it did not save you from the Life's Reaper your material gain
As you are now with the dead but the land does remain.

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