Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Rhymers They Are Always Rhyming

The poets have their off days in poetry but the rhymers never run out of rhyme
And this is how it always has been on going back the centuries of time
For to write rhyme is always so easy as easy as easy can be
To write it you need not be a highbrow one who has a literary degree
Uni literary dons refer to rhymers as poetasters as the scribblers of doggerel
By the twenty first century literary elite condemned to the Earthly poetasters hell
They tell us that anyone who does write rhyme should never be referred to as a poet
These literary critics who proclaim the literary figures of note
But i have a soft spot for rhymers since they are the wordsmiths of song
I love the old musical ballads often heard in the pub sing along
The uni literary dons have their poetry but rhyme to the masses belong
And who is to say those who love rhyme in their literary taste have it wrong
The poets have their off days in poetry in literature writers block an in saying of our time
But the rhymers they are always rhyming and they never do run out of rhyme.

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