Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Toots Kelleher Was A Mighty Man

Everyone who had seen Toots Kelleher play of him had their own story
A famous Gaelic Footballer in his prime years he reached the heights of glory
The fans of Cork in red and Millstreet in green by him often delighted
When he was racing goal-wards with the ball one could not but feel excited

In defeat a gracious and sporting man and in victory elated
In Gaelic Football in Ireland in the nineteen fifties he was one of the celebrated
Fearless on the field of play and in courage never lacking
And quite dangerous near the opposition goals when his side was attacking

When Cork and his club Millstreet were playing often the main attraction
Toots Kelleher in his glory years was Duhallow's man of action
When he was in his glorious prime than him not any greater
But time takes care of everyone if not sooner then later

Strong as a horse of skill and dare he was a great footballer
Toots Kelleher was a mighty man he made big men feel smaller
Quite fair but hard on the field of play and fearless in every tackle
To opposition defenders he was one who proved too hard to shackle

Though long deceased good memories of Toots with us are remaining
Of umpires and referees in defeat one who was never heard complaining
And everyone who saw him play of him had their own story
In Gaelic Football in the fifties he reached the heights of glory.

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