Saturday, December 12, 2015

Were I To Be Reborn

I judge and am judged by others every day
For being born a human the price i do pay
Quite close to the seventy and long past my physical prime
One truly can say i am running out of time

One of the millions who does have an internet blog
But were i to be born again i would like to come back as a dog
A big friendly hairy dog who everybody would hail
With a welcoming bark and a wagging tail

So many good people i have known have died
And so many unwell and time not on their side
When i weep for them i am weeping for me
And my sense of loss is how it seems to be

Wealthy people their material possessions i tend to begrudge
Were i to be reborn as a friendly dog others i would not judge
Since dogs in their feelings not known to pretend
I would greet everyone i did meet as a friend

In my physical prime some four decades ago
But eventually time becomes everyone's foe
Eventually to the scythe of life's Reaper i too will fall
And what will be for me of course will be for all.

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